Producing Evergreen Content To Generate Traffic

Pay per click has been one of the fastest ways to the first page of Google but is it worth investing in compared to alternative forms of marketing? It’s hard to pull away from a marketing strategy where you see what you’re paying for immediately, but content marketing is clearly providing a more lucrative means for generating leads.

Pay per click has definitely emerged as a viable option for generating leads and traffic in the quickest amount of time. The cost for PPC is higher than content marketing and produces less return over the long term.

Content marketing is a great way to produce lasting results. The content you produce on site will attract visitors if it is optimized correctly. Choosing keywords are your first order of business. When you know what will attract visitors to your site, create an in depth article that provides the visitor with something actionable that they can walk away with.

Evergreen content provides content that never loses its value. Whatever article you choose to write should be something that people deal with over the years and nothing that expires in the short term. A latest trend or news article, no matter how well written will become irrelevant compared to an article that teaches someone how to do something.

How to guides have become the latest rage. They are timeless because people can learn a skill or a particular method for how to do something. Lifehacker is a site that consists of articles and gets some of the highest traffic results in the world. The article son the site are actionable and every article provides the reader with something of value that they can apply to their lives immediately.

Case studies are also evergreen content because they provide real stats and are data driven. A case study provides a storyline with firsthand results of an effort, method or experiment that produced specific results.

A strategy guide is another form of writing content that readers can come back for more to use time and time again. A developed idea can be made into a long-form article to attract more visitors to the website.

An infographic is another method of writing evergrreen content. They should consist of a lot of statistics and be informative and descrptive. The images are not as relevent as the facts and stats provided but can help to make for a more interesting read. Infographics can be a great way to earn backlinks as they are shared more often.

Interviews can be a good way to provide in-depth coverage on a specific topic or person. People can gain a lot of insight from someone who is an expert in their niche. The interview remains evergreen because it is based on an expert opinion at that particular point in time. Even if their sentiment changes or new evidence is introduced to refute their answers, the interview will always be a standalone piece that people can return to for reference.

Historical pieces are considered evergreen. By providing a chronological sequence of events about a specific person, place or thing you create an interesting timeline that can be used as a resource for an indefinite period of time.

Evergreen content is a way to attract visitors and keep them on your website for longer periods of time. The increase in dwell time sends a positive signal to the search engines indicating your site is providing quality to the visitors it receives. This in turn boosts your ranking for associated keywords.

In addition, to dwell time the bounce rate is also improved. Bounce rate is the measure of how many people land on your site and back out immediately. Technically a user will contribute to the bounce rate if they land on your site and don’t click anything before backing out. A high bounce rate indicates that people are not liking what they are finding for the search term for which they found your site. Increasing bounce rates will demote your website in the rankings.

Evergreen content gets visitors to return to your site second third and more times. By creating value in the content you provide, you establish your site as a resource which in turn earns your site authority. The trust and authority of a website are measured and each website is assigned a value for this metric that is used for ranking purposes. If a website has a high authority value it has more of an ability to outrank lower authority websites for search terms associated with the content it provides.

Developing authority is primarily achieved through earning backlinks from other authority websites. The backlink profile of a website is considered almost as important as the content it provides when it comes to the ranking it receives for keywords.

Evergreen content contribute to a website earning backlinks because people will share information they find valuable. Although writing long-form content can increase the metrics of your site-it won’t unless it is providing value to the readers. If people can’t understand what you’re writing and click off your 5000 word article after reading 100 words-your website will receive a worse ranking because the bounce rate will increase and your ability to hold a visitors attention will be assessed as weak making your website irrelevant for those specific search terms for which people found your site.

This form of content marketing has been integrated in search engine optimization over the last three years. It has become more of a topic in 2019 because of how advanced Google has become in evaluating websites in their algorithm. A search bot is able to read the content of a website in a fraction of time it used to which is changing the way we optimize our websites. Keywords are becoming less important because Google is assigning keywords your website ranks for based on the content it provides and the backlink profile your website exhibits.

This is the reason evergreen content, long-form articles and natural backlinks are the single most important criteria in determining ranking. In order to be competitive it is necessary to produce content that holds value for people to read. Visitors should want to read what you have on your website. The days of short articles and keyword stuffing have long since expired and we are into an age of transparency. Creating the right content is now the single most important item on the menu for every webstie and business owner.