Generate More Traffic With A Solid Content Strategy

Working with an SEO consultant gives you the advantage of planning out the growth of your website and how it will develop into an asset that produces more leads. The first order of business is to create killer copy on throughout your website that informs and inspires visitors to purchase your services or products.

Write content that answers as many questions as possible starting with the most popular questions and work your way down. Provide solutions to problems customers have with any issues related to your services. Get as much detail as possible in how you provide your service and present all of this content on the homepage so that when people land on the site they are immediately presented with all the questions they need answers to and solutions to their problems.

Develop your website to build traffic through quality posts that contain timeless content. The posts can provide the reader information about your company, case studies, interviews, how to guides, strategy guides infographics-basically write content that your client would find extremely useful and would want to share it because of the incredible value it provides. This will start the ball rolling in creating inbound traffic that builds up steam as time goes on.

Once you have a website that has some pretty decent articles on it, there will be a trickle of traffic that starts to flow in. Don’t get comfortable-we need that trickle to turn into a stream of traffic that brings the fruits of the land of plenty, with visitors that have been dying to become your clients. We need to get the word out about your site.

The best case situation is a first place position for as many search phrases as possible. If we are completing the dream situation we would be ranking in the featured snippet as well. That’s position zero and first position because that is where the most clicks are. Shoot for the stars and if we end up on the moon-it will probably mean growth to the company, so to improve ranking we need a strong backlink profile.

Link velocity is a term that describes the speed at which a website is gaining backlinks. Link velocity has to be taken into consideration due to the severity of being flagged for any unnatural looking link acquisitions. Google has launched many a crusade on exposing link schemes so it’s an issue that should be avoided at all costs.

The problem with linking is that there are only a few safe ways to do it-many of which end up being in the hands of other website owners. The whitehat method is to reach out to other websites and let them know you have great content to share and ask them if they will share your website link on their website.

The goal of every website owner is to have other websites share your link on their site because they found your sites content useful to create interest on theirs. Natural backlinks are gained when people share you content and when this happens-beautiful things happen to your ranking and websites authority.

Unfortunately we don’t always have the time to wait around so one method of accelerating the growth of your backlink profile is guest posting to websites that openly accept articles. Guest posting is a safe, white hat way of accumulating strong backlinks from authority websites. Research the blogs and website in your niche that have strong readership and content that is related to yours.

Hummingbird was a major update to the way Google ranked websites. This started a new era of importance in topical flow of related content in the backlinks of a website. Hummingbird allowed search engines the ability to read the contents of a website in a time that allowed them to assess the meaning, the keywords, and the relevance of the website in relation to a search query. Since this update, backlinks have more meaning when the content of each sites have a closer relationship to each other. So although there may be a pet food website that has been around for years with an awesome backlink profile-they would not be a good link to a financial website or any website where a relationship can’t be tied in through the content. This is why guest posting has become a strong method of building up a backlink profile as well as the credibility and authority of your website.

Content is the number one asset in developing websites-whether it is on site or off site. Quality content is what is getting noticed and building traffic and sharing this content is what is moving websites up in the search engine result pages. It is by far the safest and most effective ways in achieving long lasting results in generating traffic to your website.